Miles Aldridge at Steven Kasher Gallery. ‘I Only Want You to Love Me’

Added on by Jeremy White.

Aldridge’s storytelling tableau-vivant images scream out at you. He dazzles with primary colors smashed together around super models in surreal poses. A fashion photographer for Vogue Italia, Aldridge continues and develops the pioneering ideas of Guy Bourdin.

 Bourdin, for thirty years created fabulous images for French Vogue and Charles Jourdin. He made some of the most iconic fashion images of the last century, always daring and original he was ahead of his time, creating pictures that oozed with drama and sexuality.

Miles Aldridge works in the Bourdinian tradition adding more color using saturated yellows next to pinks, reds purples and greens clashing to maximum effect but without the daring eroticism of the French artist.

The show is fun and refreshing – go and see it and buy the beautiful book published by Rizzoli. From New York the show moves to London. 

Miles Aldridge