Jeremy N White show at New Century Gallery. New York

Added on by Jeremy White.

3 August 2013. My new show at New Century Gallery in Chelsea (New York) presented a series called "Anti-frieze". These new works, are photographs of various artist's works exhibited at the 2013 edition of Frieze NY. 

In the same frame as these works, the viewer sees White’s shoes near the bottom edge of the image.  This inclusion is a humorous nod to what typically is a photographic mistake- to accidentally include one’s own shoes in the photograph.  Through this clever maneuver the viewer is unable to decipher what is and what is not artwork in the show.  Additionally, White’s photographs can be viewed as part appropriation/part readymade, reminiscent of Duchamp.

Through these playful and irreverent strategies, White challenges notions such as taste, value and how art is critiqued in 2013.

Jeremy N White. New Century Gallery. 

Jeremy N White. New Century Gallery.